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Intro to Cricut

What is the Cricut?

  • The Cricut is a cutting machine; It is designed for crafting; cutting paper and vinyl, scoring designs, drawing outlines and adding text and shapes.


  • The library has a small selection of cardstock and vinyl available for sale. We also have some infusible ink options – please ask Makerspace Staff for more information on this option.
  • Customers are welcome to bring in their own Cricut Maker 3 – compatible materials.

Getting Started

We have several computers and laptops within the Makerspace that can be used to design for the Cricut and we also have an account with Cricut Access, customers may use in-library. If you prefer to sign up for your own account so you can design from home, please visit: The following instructions are for using the Cricut in-library on one of our computers.

  • Open the lid on the Cricut using the ‘open’ button.
  • Turn on power by pressing the power button.

Select Design & Send from Cricut Design Space

  1. Click on the Cricut Design shortcut on the desktop (white background with a green ‘C’).
  2. Select the image that says New Project (if a message says: “project already exists” press replace. It’s just an old project that didn’t get deleted).
  3. Clicking on image at the left side of the screen will bring up a menu to select images to work with. Choose from our extended collection of images and fonts, in-library only.
  4. Cricut has a small selection of free images, ones that are available through our Cricut Access subscription (indicated by this symbol ), and some images that must be purchased. To narrow down the search, use ‘Categories‘ or ‘Filter‘ (top right of screen). You can upload your own images (.svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .dxf).
  5. When you’ve selected your image an insert button appears at the bottom right of the screen. You can select multiple images to insert.
  6. At the top of the canvas are the editing tools you can use these to change the size, add text to a design etc.
  7. When ready select ‘Make it‘ on the top right corner. Go through the steps, the software will tell you what step to do in what order.
  8. Design Space will tell you what size mat you need and which colour paper you should be using. You can use any colour available to you these are just the suggestions.
  9. You can also choose to move images to certain mats (if for example you want a few of your images in black but it’s telling you to print them on red). If you select the image three dots appear on the edge of the image. click the dots an option shows to move to another mat. if you click that all your mats appear, and you select the one you wish to move it to. You can do this multiple times as long as there is enough room on the page. You can move the images around to make sure they all fit.
  10. Design Space will outline where you should place the paper on the cutting mat.

Steps for Cutting

  1. Ask Makerspace staff for appropriate cutting mat for your project.
  2. Remove plastic cover from the cutting mat (please set aside since you will need to put it back on later).
  3. Lay appropriate material on the mat according to the picture shown in Design Space. You may need to press firmly to make sure it sticks well.
  4. In Design Space, select ‘Continue’ in the bottom right corner.
  5. Set material. Ex. Light Card stock, vinyl, etc.
  6. Check to see that the appropriate tool is installed in the Cricut (e.g. blade, scoring tool or pen). If you need to change tools flip open the ‘A’ and/or ‘B’ white clip and that releases the hold on the (blade, marker or scoring pen). If there is a tool already in there and you need to replace it pull it out and put the other tool you need in and clasp the white clip closed.
  7. Slide the cutting mat loaded with your material into the feeder. Follow instructions on the computer. Press flashing button with the double arrow (load and unload button).
  8. In Design Space, the screen changes to ‘Go’ and tells you to hit the flashing ‘Go’ button (the Cricut symbol).
  9. The Cricut will begin the cutting process. When it is done you will need to press the flashing button with the double arrow again and it will release the mat.
  10. If you have other colours , repeat the steps above for as many pieces as you design requires.

Wrapping Up

  • If you choose to ‘weed’ the background of your vinyl cuts while still in the Makerspace, you may borrow our Makerspace tools. We also have transfer tape for purchase if you would like to cover your design for later transfer onto a wall or other surface.
  • When done using the Cricut please place the protective plastic film back on the cutting mat.
  • Clean up the area, making sure all supplies are back where they belong.
  • Make sure the cap is firmly back on the pen.
  • Close the lid.
  • You can just close the Cricut Design Space, or you can go back to the image screen and delete your design.

Additional Training

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